Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

chofen for us by God, are better than if we had the Kingdoms of the World by the gift of Satan, Mat.4, B4laaks words to Talaam, methinks were words of Honour and Joy, (tbe Lor-' hath kept thee from Honour.) O who would not be ambitious of being fo kept from Honour ? The poverty and shame that is by, and for God, is b tter than the Prefer- ment and Honour of men And the reproach of Chriff is greater Riches, than the treafares of Egypt. nd if God fee it belt, he knoweth how to fave the Righteous from trouble and if not, to give them fuffering-ftrength and And it is a wonder of providence hove God prefcrveth their names and honour, that de- fpife Honour and life for him : fò that even they that killed the prefent Prophets and juft men, yet build the Sepulchres of thofe that were killed by their Fathers, and fay, if we had lived in the days of our Fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the Prop hers, .44-4t.23.27,28. The wonder of that Foreigner in H.8's. days, Dew bone quomodo hic vivant gentes, that faw men kill'd for being Proteiants, and for being Papi is, was not fo contradic}ory a fubjet as the £apifts ufage of the Saints, a ftupendious in- Rance .,.