Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

fiance of mans madriefs and Satans methods , that at the fame time can rack, and burn, and murder Saints, and yet Honour the relicks, names and memories of the dead that were before them. That while they zealoufly cart away mens lives and treafure, to recover the Holy Land where Saints had lived, at the farne time murdered thofe by thoufands tha¢ did mofi: nearly imitate them : and to this day kill the living Saints under the name of Schif= maticks or Heriticks (fornot obeying the King of Rome before God) and keep holy days for the dead, and reverence their íhrines and re- licks : What contempt did poor St. "Martin undergo from his neighbour Bithops, as fuf- peaed of Prifcilleanifrwe, and as an unlearned Hypocrite, that was for liberty for Hereticks: fo that he feparated from their`. Synods and Communion? And yet what a name hath he left behind him even in that Church, whole Prelates thus difpifed him ? Thirdly, Moreover- Paul had now tryed both the ways, of being arainft Chri t, and being for him ; and was io fully convinced by experience and revelation of the -evil, of the one, and the goodnefs of the other, that he had great reafon to be refolved and unmoved, as knowing that noTufcring can make the fer- . E ants