Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

22 '. vants of Chrif as miferable as his Enemies ; nor any preferment or profperity make any one of the worldlings as happy as the poore[a Saint. Becaufe he had rather be Lazarus than Dives hereafter, and had rather fond on the right hand of Chrift thin on the left, therefore he accordingly made his choice. For he well knew how bad a bargain it would prove, to win all the World and lofe his Soul ; and to lay up a treafure on Earth fo, as alto to treaftire up wrath againft the day of wrath; and to prepare for 'filch an even-fong , as Li k.. 12. Trott fool, this night !hall they require thy Soul, stn. d then whole are the things that thou haft provided .Alas ! what gain is it to fave an elate a little while,that at death mull certainly be foríáken ? To fave a life this year, this month, this day, that may be gone on fickler terms the next, and certainly will ere long be gone ? Is not the Bifhop of wìnchcfter and London, Gardiner and ,boner now dead, as well as the Martyrs. Whom they burnt ? Is not c4lexander the third, and Innocent the third and fourth., and fuchother perfecuting Pope.; now dead, as well as all the godly Chriftians whom they mur- dered ? Alas ! what a nothing is time ! and bow little difference between to day and to morn