Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[23] morrow.. this year andnext ! That which hath been, that which is, and that which will be ! Shall a man part with his God, and his ever= lafting hopes, that he may be able to fay in Hell, I was once a Lord, a man of Honour; I had once full provifion for the flefh, I had pleafure in the way to the torment which I. undergo ? TN the expounding of thefe words of St.Puul, I have but given you the Image, or rather the Spirit of Mr. Stubbs. Funeral- praifes by flatterers brought into difgrace, will be here blamed by no wife man that knew the perfon, no more than in Naz,ianz,ene for his Orations for Cyprian,,Bafil, and others ; Unlefs it be for, the defeer, which is unavoidable. Firfr, This faithful fervant of Chrift hath run his race ; what that was and how he performed it, the County of Glocefler knoweth, and the City of Wells in Somerfet Jhire knoweth, and this City, and this Congregation partly know. And I will fpeak but little of him, but what I know my felf, and have by unqueftionable teftimony. His birth, parentage,and youthful life I am not acquainted with. He was a E 4 Nlinifler