Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

iti 1, [ 24 ] R4 nifter of Chrift about fifty years, dying at the age of feventy three. His ftudies, and parts, and labours lay not in the Critical or Contro- verfal way : And as he was fò happy as not to wafte his time in ..contentious ftudies; fo ht' was fo humble and honeft, as not to trouble his Auditory with lfiich matters, nor to Pretend tó have studied what he had not; nor, like many proud ignorants, to boaft or contend molt where they know Lail. His Soul was taken up with the great things of Religion. His Preaching was molt on the Baptismal Cove- nant, on the:Articles of the Creed., the Lords 'Prayer and Decalogue , and fuck neceffary things which effentially, conftitute a Chrif£ian. I neT,ec heard himmeddle with controverfies in publick, or in his private talks ; but all,how o know God in Chrift, and how to feek and Lrve him, and how to reift temptations and fin, and what a life we (hall live with Chrift for ever : And how to live in love, righteouf- nefs, peace and profitablenefs to one another: efpecially how to ferve God intirely, and in what ftate we (hall live with him for ever. He was the freeft of moft that ever I knew, from that deceit of the Serpent mentioned 2 Or. i z . 3. who corrupteth men by drawing thm from the ficnp!icity which is in Chrift. Hip breath, his life, his Preaching, his Prayers, his