Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C25 his conference, his converfation, was Chriifian fimplicity and fincerity. Not as the ''world calleth fimplicity, folly But as it is contrary to hypocrifie, to a counterfeit zeal, to meer affeaation, to a divided heart. He knew not how to diflèmble, nor wear a Mask ; his face, his mouth, his whole converfation, laid bare his heart. While he paffed by all quarrels, and con troverfies, few quarrelled with him; and he had the happinefs to take up head, heart and time, with only great, fure, and neceffary things. II. Of all men that ever I knew, he Teemed to me one of the molt humble. His Preaching, his difcourfe, his garb, and all his behaviour, fpake pore humility, and were far from pride ; never did I hear from him a word of oftenta- tion, much lets of envy at the precedence of others ; he came to Chrift as a teachable Ch1ld, and Preached as a Learner, and I never heard that he ftrove with any. He had learnt of Chrift to be meek and lowly, and to make himfèlf of no reputation, nor feek the Honour that is of man. O how far was he from ftriv- ing to be above his brethren, or troubling the Church, by a proud, in- perious, or turbulent Spirit III. He