Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 26 . III. He was exceeding peaceable in his prin- ciples, and in his praf tice : never contending with opiniators, or thofe that cry down this and that error of their brethren, to get the reputation of being free from errors. He put not his finger into the fire of contention nor ever that I heard of made himfelf of a fea or faaion , nor Preacht for this party againft that, except for Chrifts party againft the Devils. Nor did I ever hear him in his private talk, back- bite any ; nor exercife the too common liberty againft others, in carping at their infirmities , or making himlelf their judg : Had the Church had no more unpeace- able Paftors, we had not been in the fad cori= dition that we are in, denying peace and con- cord obflinately to the Servants of Chrilt, and militating by forbidden arms againft one another. Long would it have been before he would have reviled, vexed, or hindered any true Minifter of Chrift, from Preaching his Gofpel, or living in peace. IV. He was an Honourer of his fuperiours, and obedient to Authority, as far as would Rand with his obedience to God. I never heard that publikely or privately he fpake a difloyal or irreverent word of the King, or others in Authority. after he had here Preached a while