Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

E. 27 while in London,he had a preferment toa Parifh? Church in Glacefierfhire, of eight pound per annum maintenance, and it had many and many years had no Minifter; and by the honeft connivence or forbearance of the Reverend Bifhop of Glocejter, he there Preached for fore years paft in peace ; of which I am paít doubt that Bifhop hath no caufe to repent. He ufed part of the Liturgy, not flicking at the cenfure of them that called this as their judgments led them. His judgment, his work, his age and experience, fet him above all famous inducements, and taught him to pleafe God, whoever were difpleafed : And when at laic he was driven away, I never heard him fpeak of it with any bitternefs. He is now where Gods praifes are celebrated , and whence no holy Soul (hall ever be caff out. V. His labour was fuch as be Teemed one abfolutely devoted to God : His Preaching was very plain and familiar, fitted rather to Country- auditors, than to curious ears; and he chofe accordingly; but it was wholly for faith, love and holinefs. He was much in Cate- chifing, and very moving in his familiar ex. hortations, fetting his whole heart upon the winning and edifying of Souls, and longing for the fuccefs, as much as covetous Merchants 40