Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 28 I do for rich returns. He kept a private weekly meeting for the young people, to deal with then as a Catechizer, by way of familiar quePtions ; which was much of his labour where ever he came : And he much rejoyced in the young peoples willingnefs and his fuc- cefs. The greateft Benefice cannot pleafe one that worketh for the fleece, fo much as he was pleafed that his unwearied labour profited his flock. How thankful was he to God, and the Biíhops connivence for that fhort liberty to work. And to their honour I rnuíl fay, that he praifed not only the friendly peaceablenefs of the Magiftrates and Gentryof the County, but alto of his neighbour conformable Mini- fters that lived by him in love, and envyed riot his liberty. This holy man fo little cared for the hypo- crites reward, that no reproach of men did move him ; nor did he count his great labour or life dear to him, that he might iùbf rve him that came to feek and fave the loft. He took that for the joyful finifhingof his courte, from which Satan and many miftaken men would, have çlifcouraged him : As it was one of the greateft aggravations of Chrifts fufferings, that he was crucified as a reputed firmer, even as a blafpherner and an enemy to Cefar, and a con-