Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ 1:29] contemner of the Laws fo he knew that all things mull be accounted dung that we may be found in Chrift, and conformed to him even in his fufferings. And if a Seneca could íày, that no man more fheweth himièlf to be a good man, than he that will lofe the reputation of being a good man, left he fhould lofe his goodnefs it Pelf, and defile his confcience; no wónder if this holy man accounted not his fame too dear to preferve his Confcience. And indeed his Friends and Phyficians fuppofe that his labours haftened his death. He came from the Country to London, again to work, and after his journey,Preaching almoft every day, and forne days twice, even after he began to be ill, no wonder if the feaver and Di,'" .ltery that followed, difpatcht him. At flirt: he fell down in the Pulpit but recovering, went on and fo again after, till he was difàbled. Some will cenfure him for imprudence in fuch labours ; But they mutt confider what it is to be above the inordinate love of life, and to long for the good of Souls. Andwithal, that which much emboldened him was, that he was wont to go fomewhat ill into the Pulpit, and to come better out : But the heat of the1feafon,fèventy and three years ofage, gaveadvantage to the meffenger whichGod did fend