Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

with more abfolute reugnation and devoted- nefs, in fimplicity and godly fincerity, and not with flefhly wifdom, and lived like the primi- tive Chrittians, without any pride or worldly motives, or in whofe cafe I had rather die. And therfore no wonder that he lived in peace of Confcience , and dyed with Pauls words, I have fought a goof fight, 1 have Rini,fhed my courfe : henceforth is laid up. for me a Crown of Rigbteoufnefs, which God the Righteous Yudg Jliall give : which both Paul and he might fay without any injury to Chrift, or grace, or free juftification. Thus did he fnilh his couríè in eminent fidelity, and confiant peace of Con- fcience;and what was wanting in fuller Joy, is nowmade up. VSE 1. A NDwhat ufe Mould we make of all, but to imitate filch examples, and not to be moved by any tryals, nor count our lives dear that we may finifh our couríè with joy, and the Miniftry which we have received of the Lord Jelùs Chrilf, to teftifie the Gofpel of the grace of God ? Run the fame race, and you mayhave the fame joy and bleffed end. Would you have more particular could how to finifh your