Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

l/ 4 E32 your cáúrfe with joy ? I fhall briefly .give you iómme : f The Lord caufe you and nie to fol- low it. I. He that never began well, cannot finifh well : fearch the Scriptures, and advife with the wife prove all things, and hold fait that which is good. Take heed that you take not evil for good, and good for evil : fet out in the way of truth. If you are out of the way, the fatter and the further you go; the more you have to repent of, and lament. Be honeft and faithful in feeking truth, and God will not forfake you. But go not with . alaams coveteous heart, and pre engaged purpofe. O fear a Life heart, and falfe Teachers, efpecially men that plainly profecute a worldly intereft and deign. II. If God, C.hrill, grace and glory be not enough for you, and Teem not a fufficient por- tion unlefs youhave altoprofperity to the flefh, undertake not the Minií ry, nor profefs Chri- fianity : For without feifdenyal, contempt of the World, taking up the Crofs, and for- fakingall, you have but the delufory name and image of Chriftianity. Abfolutely devote your felves to God, and hope not for great matters in the world : except nothing from him,