Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

E3 him, fufpeet and fear the hypocrites referees; ferve Chrifl and trait him : troll him with eflate, and liberty, and life, and Soul and all: ,Rudy your duty for your part, and call your care on him for his part. Take no thought what ye Mall eat Or drink, but feek firft Gods Kingdom and the righteoufhefs thereof. You Will never finish your courfe with joy, if you be not abfòlutely devoted to God. III. Preach to your felves frft, before you Preach to the people, and with greater z,2al. OLord fave thy Church fromworldly Paflors, that fludy and learn the art of Chriflianity, and Miniflry ; but never had the Chriflian Divine nature, nor the vital principle which mull difference them and their fervices from the dead. Do you love other mens Souls more than your own ? will a dead nuríè give warrti And vital milk? Nothing doth more to make you good Preachers , than that which doth moft to make you good Chrilians : I thank- the Lord for the Method of his grace and providence, that call me divers years into the care of my own Soul, before I purpofed to Preach to others , and made me read over the molt of all our honeít Englifh praCtical Di. virLes, to make me a Chri[lian indeed, before I. fet my felf to the artificial part. I repent not of this unufual method; F IV.