Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

L 34 IV. Let your joyful part of Religion be molt of your Meditations : The infinite good- ness of God,who is Love ; the wonder of mans Redemption ; the freeness and fulness of the pro nisi: ; and the certainty and glory of our future ffate : thefe are the chief part of our Religion, and of chief ule : which mutt relòlve us, fix us, quicken us, and help us to live in thankfulnefs and joy. V. Above all, labour to ftrengthen faith in Chrif, his word, and the life to come, and to live in the constant exercife thereof. Faith is it that the matter and reafon of our duty and our joy : And if believing Me- ditation have too long intermiffions, our joy will alfo intermit._ And if afi'litaion or weak - nefs make our present fiate to be grievous to us, and keep us from much prefent joy, yet faith and hope can fee that which is to come. Many of Gods faithful fervants labour in peace of Conscience and. in hope, who through infir- mities of the flefh have no great joys : and yet may be well fail to finial: their courfe with joy, becaufe everlafting joy is the end, which at the finifhing of it theyobtain. VI.