Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

r E35]. VI. Stick not at labour or fuffering ken not to the repining- and feducing t1efh Think nothing too much or too dear; your work is good, and much better wages in it felt, than fleíhly pleafure. Labour for God and Souls, and keep out fèlfiihrnefs and carnal ends, and God will fecure your reward. Labour faithfully, and truff God confidently ; fulfil his co nv anding will, whoever countermand you and then ref in his accepting, difpofing and re- warding will, whatever befal you in the World. His will is the only infallible rulo; and his_ will is the only fecure and felicitating reif. They that confcionabiy do his will, may comfortably fay, The will of the Lord be done as our brother in his ficknefS often did. His will made us, his will` path maintained and preferved us, and multiplied mercies to use By his will we live, and by his will we die, and in his will we hope to refit far ever. Mr,r, Stubbs is gone before ; This Will bath guided . him, and this Will bath received. him In the fame good hand, .1 am clofely follow-. ing; him. Our feparation is like to be very fhort. And none ofyou vill í ay long behind Farewel vain vexatious World Farewel malignant, lying, cruel, World 1 Welcome life, Light and Love, delightful perfeet and 2 Eternal.