Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[ ;6 Eternal. Let it be our care fo to fi.niih our coúrfe with j ay, that we rri ;e:: r, Well done good and fa ,,1 jërva ? , etrter tbo.o into the joy of thy Lord, Bleffed is that fervant whom his Lord when he cometh {hall find fo doing. Come Lord jabs, come quickly,- eflmen. V S E z- Ut methinks I fhould not let you, that have been the hearers of Mr. Stubbs, and fuch as he, go without fome notice, what it is that this Text, and this providence of-God do call you fpecially to confider. Which is,, z. Whether you have furthered the joy of your Teachers courfe. 2. Whether you take care that your own courfe may be fini{hed with joy , and why it . rriuft be done , and how. L Do not think that yoù are not much' concerned in the matter, whether your Tea- chers live and die in joy ; Neither fay when they aredead, it is too late to mind that whith is pail ánd gone. As much as it is paft,your account is not paff. You may hear of it again in another manner than now you do. You , ---- ..