Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

L 37 ] You are concerned in it, i. For your own intereft. 2. For their Relation to you, and labours for you, in gratitude and humanity. 3. As you are obliged to the Church of Chrift, and regard its intereft. And ç.. as you are men, and lovers of mankind. I. What is their Miniftry but the feeking of your Salvation? And what is their Joy but their fuccefs, (next Gods acceptance of their labours) And if they mifs of this, is it not you that will be the greateft fufferers ? If you fall out with your phyficia,n, or cart away, or cafe up the onlyPhyfick that can cure you, is not death more to you, than the lofs of his labour and Phyfick to him ? Shall the Phyfician mourn over his dying patient, and thall the patient think it nothing to him ? If theChild profper not, or die, the Nurfes for- Tow is a fcnaller matter than the Childsdeath. Is your unconverted, unpardoned, miferable hate, and your danger of Damnation, more to us than to you ? Will your Hell beno more painful than our companion ? And when your worm never dyeth, and your fire will be un- quenchable, our cornpaffion will ceafe, and we all grieve for you no more. F3 The