Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

38 1 The God that forbad Samuel to mourn any more for Said, will caufe us to approve of his Righteous judgment , and to rejoice in the glorifying of his iuttice on you. Abraham did but upbraid Dives with his former finfül pleafures. Your Teachers , yea your own Parents will not mourn in Leaven for all the torments that you undergo in Hell, nor con- fent to eafe you by a drop ofwater. .Luke 16. O what a pitiful fight it is now to fee a Teacher or Parent mourning over the tnifery of ignorant, carelefs, wilful fanners, and they themfelves rejoycing and defpifing compaífion, and laughing at the brink of Hell ? I heard of a paffionate Wife that cut her own throat to anger her Husband. And they tell us, that the Circiirncellian Danatifls ( that fepa- rated fromother Chriftians, in a Prelatical zeal for their own Bithop) did murder themfelves to bring the odium upon their adverfaries as peiecutors, but that poor ¡Inners fhould merrily run to- wa ds Hell, to anger their Teachers, yea that multitudes fhould do thus, what an infiance is it of the madnefs of corrupted rhinds ? One fäith,