Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

a C 39' faith, I will never bear himmore : and another faith, Pall I be Catechized like a Boy ? and another faith, Theft Preachers would make us mad, if we !hotsld believe and lay to heart what they fay : and another faith, Cannot one drink, andbe merry, and pleafe hisfiefh, but he mull be damned for it ? Are none faved but Puritans and Precifans ? And who is it that will have the woril of this at laft ? God will not con- demn us for your .fins ? If you will needs he miferable for ever, our defires and éndeavotrrs to have faved you, (hall not be loft at all to us. O how dear will impenitent (inners pay for all the tears and groans which now they do conftrain from their compaffionate Tea- chers ? That God who is Love it felf,and putteth love into Parents for the education of their Chil- dren, bath alit put a tender love to-Souls, and efkecially to their own flocks, into every faith- ful Minifter of Chrift. Which maketh all their ítudy, and labour, and fufferings, Bale to them, or tolerable, at !tail:, for the comfor- table hope which they have of runs Salvation.. Omay we but ferve the Saviour of the World, in the gathering of his chofen flock, and in bringing inners from darknefs to light, and from the power of Satanunto God, in making F 4 recon-