Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[4°7Ì reconciled and adopted. fons , of thofe that were the enemies of God and holinefs, what a joy would it be to every true Miniffer of Chriff ? Did a damned wretch cry, Send Lazars to warn my brethren, that they come not to this place of torments ? And íhall not we rejoyce if we cannot only keep finners from thofe flames, but alfo help them to live. in joy with Chriff and holy Spirits for ever. May we fee Souls in Heaven for ;ever praifing God, and know that this is the fruit of our labours and Gods grace. Yea may we here fee holy perfons living to Göd, and calling upon his name, and rejoycing in hope, and ferving, and honouring him in a wicked World, and fay, thofe are they that God hath given to Chrift by our Embaffage , Howmuch Tweeter will this be to ¡is, than flefhly plea- fures ? And will you not allow us the joy of your Salvation ? If fo, judg your felves whe- ther the löfs of Chriff, and Grace, and Hea- ven , and Happinefs, and all hope, will be a fmaller lofs to you , than the lofs of fuch comfort , in your hoped well-fare will be to us O all you that are yet unconverted,, flefhly, worldly perfons, ftv,: gers to á holy Heavenly life,