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. , -1111111111 4 A Sermon preached before the Honourable which immediatly followes in the 9. and io. ver. se afflided, and mourn, and weep hUmble your [elves in the fight of the Lord. But b: Text it fill-, for what is the i?Prl the main bufines of a Taft, but to fearch for the Lord with all our heart, to lament after him, to draw nigh unto, and meet our God e and what is the Toffip or main bufines of them that Eft, but to bring forth the wicked, nes that is in their hands, and the predominant cor- ruptions that are in their hearts, and as witnef- fes againft them, to caD upon them the Done of execution that they may die. A FaD is not meer- ly a fermon and a prayer, there is a propriety in that ordinance or duty. The fermon fhould fpread your finnes before you, and your confeffions and prayer fhould fpread them before the Lord. The fermon puts the afhes on your heads, and dreffes your fouls in that fackcloth , which you are to wear as mourning garments, in your prayer and humiliation. I with our Fafts may not lofe their property, like phyfick , which by often ta.- ling, becomes at length a diet, rather then a me- dicine. There is in the words triplex et,va, a three-fold conjundion. double-minded and Sinners and cleanfe your purifie Hearts. I limn firft break the fhell, by explication ofthe termes. The word Up.,f762,zij finners, as it lignifies in generall any I-inner, in oppofition to a righteous man,