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Hou f e of Col-anions on the knf t,Janu ary. 23 . i 645. man, Fyn. 5. p c'. As by one mans difobedience, many ware made tic úì] =nre's, fo by the o- bedience`0f 6ii , {hall many be made [4 'Ka<ol] righ- teous .. o "i'ÇTfp °ckiatl it álfo figniftes a wicked man, or of flagitiouslife, a fanner raT' icox,v, therefore its often Laid [T=i, .- ?.di J'] Publicans and f n hers, and Luk.7.3 7. a woman in that City which was [áüaçTvxás] afint?er, that is,an adulteref e, or a harlot, as it is generally expounded ; and if we fbrvey the beginning ofthis chapter, what brawl - ings, envyings, lofts, felf- feeking, did raignea- mongft this people, ., we (hall fee good reafon to take the word fanners, for fùch as did lie in more open and fcandalous finnes, men of unclean hands. The wordcgt.2 9, double minded, is once before: ufed in this Epiíile, chap* r.8. and fignifies fuch as have double, (or as the Syriack exprefferh it) divi- ded hearts, it anfwers the Hebrew expreflion a heart and a heart, which the feptuagint doe inter- pret word for word, itxoYa 74 xn,fla, and Syma- chats (whomChryfofloyn on, Pfal.iz.z. calls dNQ- pwrvet r c) renders it v_gJi r_an kgiZt'Nn, we (hall belt underftand the íenfe of the word, by comparing it with the oppofite thereunto, and that is á ,Jîc NQ?a;, Efrhef .6.5 . Col.3 . z 2. Simplicity, or f nglenes of heart, it is a grace recommended to fervants, In finnlenes of heart as unto Chrirt, not with eye fer- vice as unto men ; And again its faid, In finglenes of heart fearing God doing' what f never yoodoe from your heart, a to the Lord, And not to man ; where you have finglenes "óf heart defcribed, to be the 13 3 fteerage i Chron . a s 33. Pfal.IIa.a