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Houle of Commons on the Fait, January. 2 8. i 645. nation to him, why he hateth our new Moons and appointed feafls, why he will not hear our multi- plied prayers, is the uncleaneffe ofour hands,ifa.r. from the i the end ofthe i 5.verfe ; Thou art of purer eyes then to behold evil,and canif not look on iniquity,faith the Prophet,Hab. r .13. that is , thon canit not countenance the violence and oppreflions of thy people, the grievance and vexationdone un- to them by wickedmen, much leffe, draw nigh to men of fuch unclean hands. 2. The rernovens prohibent , or the removall of that impediment, and that is, cleanfing ofhands,and purifying of your hearts, for faith the Prophet, ¡ft, 1.16. Wafh ye,make ye clean, put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes ; ceafe to doe evil, learn to doe well , feeke judgement, relieve the oppreffed, judge the fatherleffe, plead for the widow : (And then it follows) Come now and let us rea(on together, faith the Lord. Our diffimilitude and unlikeneffe to God, is a barre to this mutuall ac- quaintance and communion, for a man unlike to God, cannot but diflike him. As white is no more contrary to black,then black to white: fo Gods ho- lineffe is no more contrary to our wickedneffe, then our wickednes is to his holines : and therefore there can be no drawingnigh together, unies either God recede from his holines (which cannot be) or we be - leanfed and purified from our uncleaneffe, which s the onely way to make this communion dole, fweet and firm. That the Text is proper and feafonable for this day of our Humiliation is plain, not only by that B z which See the word '?J explica ted in M. Ga- taker his learn. ed Treatife, called,Godr ye on b>ii,frae!