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he :to ou up ái ich ght me lt u, ,a it á f? mule of Cononons on the Fe, January .28. i 645 Y I them, o ye fanners, no fuch firangers to, God, but they may come into favour, intimacy, and com- munion with him great fanners are oftentimes made great Saints : God engraves his image in unto- ward wood, that the churlifbnes ofthe matter may ;he more commend the workman ; he calls them to him, being yet overwhelmed with finne, and in their drawing nigh to him they are cleanfed ; as Chrift Pent the Lepers to the Prieis, but v ,t'y.r, as they were going they were cleanfed, Luk.i ¡.i4. 2. He bids there fanners cleanfeand purify, their hands and hearts," but how can corruption cleanfe it felf? can unfavoury fait feafon it felf? No. God purifieth the heart by faith, 42.15.9. and every man that bath this hope, purifieth himfelf, a john 3.3. Chrift is he that comes by water and blood, i 7oh.5.6. that is, by all manner of puri- fying, typified by legali purifications. This is (faith a learned man) one ofthe rnyfteries ofthis law (ofpurifying) that a clean perfon was him- Ain Évotb irt Pelf made unclean, by touching the holy water, Numb. 9. or fprinkling it upon the unclean : and this is the great mÿfteryofthe Gofpel, that he whofe blood cleanfeth us from all finne, i .?ohn 1.7. and in whom being a clean perron is no finne, Mould yet be made finne for us, and for our clean - fing. And ás an unclean perron is faid to pu- rify himfelf, Numb i9., z 2, & 20. becaufe that (though there was a peculiar water íorthat pur- pofe, and that alto to be íprinkled on him by another) it was his duty to come unto that pu- C a rifying