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12 A Sermon preached before the Honourable rifying water, and make ufe of it : fo are you to purify your hearts, and cleanfe your hands , by comming unto that blood of fprinkling, Heb. 12. 22, 24. Faith will bring . you to this puri- fying blood : one touch of thrift by faith, drawes vertue out of him, which will drie up your running iífues. Humiliation , though it doe not properly cleanfe your hands , yet it plucks off the gloves,and makes there bare for wafhing : and godly forrow with its feven daughters as they are expreffed, 2 Cer. 7. z I. are cleanfing things. This is the way of your cleanfing and purifying, this is your duty, and . this through grace is your ability ; for the re- generate being principled ,loth, aet-; being puri- fied, doth purify himfelf ; and being kept by the power of God; Both alf keep himfelf,, as it . is faid, t john 5.g. 3. Sinners are to cleanfe their hands : but what are thofe finnes ? they are generally thofe outward finnes, or waies of wickedneífe where- in men ufe to walk, and which doe denomï nate a man: cívA,io,'v; a firmer of deeper die ; but in fpeciall we finde force more eminently cal- le.d ¡Miles of the hands, as oppreffion and vio- lence, Jonah 3.8.. blood,, Ifa -. I. 15. bribes, Ifa. 33. 15. injuflice, lob.I6.17. as there are alto . eye - finnes, ear-frnncs, tongue - finnes, &c. 4. Why is cleanfing the hands fit before purifying of the heart for the rule is, make the tree good, and his fruit good : in vain, doe, we go* about. to fweeten the ftream, when the fountain..