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Hoof e of Commons on the Fas3', January. 28 .164 . fountain Rill fends forth bitter water To this I anfwer, that though it be but a follicitous trifling, to vex every pries and pos`teritts which. vve meet vvith in Scripture, and is but a. curiofity to take pains to fay, nothing, left we might feem to leave any thing unfaid,., yet there may fome account be given of this tranfpofi- lion : as 1. The Scripture fometimes puts. that firft, which is vifibly firft, the figne before the. caufe, as when it is Paid, Calling and Election. 2. Becaufe conviktion begins at fome groffer fìnne, there the confcience begins to take fire: and God vvho hath the ordering öf tin, makes fome great fin very ferviceable and ufefull, to be, as it vvere, an entring wedge to break the knotty heart all to pieces. 3. Becaufe grace having once got footing in the heart, prefently . entersthe_ field "againf this fins, as ha, vino greater guilt, and by their bulk making the greateft interception of the light of Gods countenance,, and more inconfiftent.vvitha ftate.. of faivation, then thofe rebelling and rnoleffi- ing corruptions vvhich are vvithin. For the reafon of this print, That they who Reafov c. dram .nigh to God, must cleanfe their hands. I flail offer only this. That thefe fins of our hands, do keep us at diflance from God, and God at diflance from us ; your iniquities have f parated between you and your God, and your fins have hid his face from you, Ifa.59. 2. This is the worfi effect and fruit of fin; that is is privative of our. union with, and fruition of God De- C 3. : pat: