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A Sermon preached before the Honourable part from me, is as terrible a word as everlal ing ire ; It is ó CJ o,s cmh -dc. Jude 13. the 6lacknefle of darkenefe, the luftings of corruption which are in the regenerate, are ( as I may call them) tranf- parent fins, they obfirud not oUr communion with God; like the motes which are infinite, but hinder not the funs bright beams ,from us ; but thefe hand -fins or wickedneffe of life , are opacous, and put us into the flack, by their between God and us, and doubtleffe while we are in love with fin, God is asunpleafingto us as we are unpleafing to him, nor would we any more draw nigh to him then he to us. Give me leave thus to convey the,notionthat I have upon this point, Commerce is one thing, Communion is ano- ther : As a man will have commerce or trade with an enemy, a firanger, any body, to trade with him for profit, and to gain fome- commodity which he hath in his hands; but Communion, which is in way of love , friendfhip or acquaintance, he cares not for, nor would by any means admit of; ío a man,whofe hands and life are full of fin, and his heart full of enmity to God, may yet have fome coin merce with God in duties or or- dinances, to ferve his turne upon God, uti Dec ut fruatur mundo, and to make tile of him for his own ends; as its faid,ver.4. rou aske, that you may confume upon your lu //s; but communion in way of league and f rierdfhip with God, and fruition of him in way of fpeciall love and favour, he neither can have;nor will, except he alto give a bill of di- vorce to his bell beloved lulls. I