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Houfeof Commons on the Ffl,January. a 8.1 b4 i . IS I come now to make application of this Generall uCe. Point to you , and the 1.1íe is in the. text, Cleane your and to cleanfe ¢esfe worke to be fet upon, or a finner purifie, and to cleanse his hands too, which are full of profitable fins, 7urne ye every one from your evil way, and from the violence that is in your hands, 9onah 3.8. It is a wonder that the chip wherein we are, fo laden with fins of all rankes and fubordinations of men, King, Princes, Jud- ges, Lawyers, Gentry, Miniflers, people ( ef- pecially in fuch grown feas as we have been in ) fhould live to this day ; for you know we en- terd into this wilderneffe, wherein we yet wan- der, with our former Egypt -fins upon our backs, and we alas did not firíl make even before we went upon a new fcore ; we fail, we pray, we Covenant, and yet we are as double minded, as foul handed as before ; ungodlineffe, unrighteouf- neffe, felf- feekings, hypocrifie, religioufneffe for our ends abound amongft us, and contempt of the Miniftery more then ever, fo that preach- ing of the word by the Minifters of this King- dom which for foundneffe, fpiritualneffe and fucceffe, hath not been (I was going to fay) pa- ralelled, (I may truly fay) exceld in any part of the world, is by very many now judged to have been a ?+Monepoly, and fit among other Mo- nopolies to go down and to be made a common. trade. Not many years ago, when it was both, danger and difgrace to hold forth the profefïìon, of the name of Chrift in truth, what appetite: h;