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I 6 4 Sermon preac hed before the Honourable had Chriftians to the fincere doarine of Chr ff,, and of regeneration and mortification of fin e How did they, in their private meetings, lay liege to the throne of grace with united ftrength, and antidote themfelves againft the in- fec`fious air of thofe times e whofe eyes were thought too dear for thole faithful' meffengers of. God at whofe feet they fate r what contend- ing was there for the faith once delivered to the Saints': what burning love had they each to o- ther .? what onenes of heart and minder Now alas, .fotne of thole good ears of corne are mil- dewd,and manyrun all up into ftraw,and do not ear fo well ; Religion vapours it ,felf outinto notions and difpïttes of no value, breaks into parties, and ammians+r is broken in peeces by mutual' animofìties ; fo era eft. t,h, it is obferved, that that fincere and true godlineffe, :, de conflan which flourifht and was warme in Chriftians un- Grotto: de ve- der the perfecuting Emperours, pall Confla tinutn ritate,lib . capit refrtgefcere, after Canflantine, when it vvas in inito. both fafe and honburable,it began to cool, and to break out into ambition, pride,contention,erc. If you will not own your fins, we that are Mini - fters muft cry aloud, Ifa.5 8.1. Cry aloud, blare not, lift up ay voice like a trumpet; and Am my peo- ple their tranfgrejions, and the houfe of 7acob their fins : and. obferve, I pray you, to whom the Pro - phet is commanded to cry aloud, namely,to fitcla as fought the Lord daiiy,and delighted to know .his wayes, as a nation that did righteoufnes, and forfook not the ordinance of their God; lush as did aske of God thei ordinances of Muftice, and took