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! Houle of Commons on the FaJl, January. 2 8. I Sri 5. t 7 took delight in approaching to God, that fatted and affiiled their fouls, ver.2,3. fuch as made re. ligious duties the panders to their lufts, and the covert of their and opprefìion, hiding their filthy fores under a velvet philter ; Sin lies fall afleep and moft fecure in fuch men, the forme of religion is a bufe -coat to theirfins ; and ,therefore cry aloud, and cry impartially againft the fins of all forts of men, fo, as not to lick the fores of great ones, and bite the fores of poor ones, for that is rather to upbraid men with their poverty, then reprove them for their fins. You know, that Phyficians, Chyrurgians ( and fo.Miniffers ) are fometimes allowed to be cruell ; and the truth is, I fear we have lapt up the pills of reproof in fo much pap and fugar, that by allaying the bit -, t`rneffe we have fruffrated the operation. .0h, that you were all of you too generous to be flat- terd, and that you would fearch out particularly your own perfonall and bofome fins, fwearing, drunkenneffe, whoredome, injuftice, oppreffion for whiles we fpeak generals, no man thinks that the Cock crows to him, and fo goes not forth to weep bitterly ; upon a generall inditement of a. man to be a felon or thief, there can be no pro- ceeding to fentence, except the fad in particular. be expreft ; fo while you fay only in generall,We are f nners,. and do not arraign your felves upon part iculars,faying, Thisis, my iniquity, you can ne -. ver judge and condernne your felves as you ought. So much for the g.enerall. . , Now particularly to you (Honoured and Wor- P3rcicta!ae use, > 'thy)