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4 Sermon preached before the Honourable thy) that are Members of the Honourable Houle of Commons, di you are tingle per fons, fearch your (elves, confider your wayes , Is there any thing, in your hands to be cleanfed :' You are to purge the corrupt leaven out of your own houfeà, you, felves, your families, your places of office and truft are the proper fphere of your activity ; you. are for Ecclefiafficall reformation, and the (weep- ing out of corruptions out of the houfe of God but are you as intent upon perfonall reformation of your own wages do your own houles lye clean ? have you reali principles of godlines in your own hearts ? or are you carried meetly' by the Parliamentary genius or ftream , by a rapt motion ? In one word : are you not afraid of holines ? Thefe are things fadly to be con(- tiered For can you think that in good ear - nef< one black more fhould goe about to wafh . another r would you not fay, Why doth not he firfl make hirnfelf white, that the other may, thereby he perfwaded he can make him fo too If any cf you fhould lie in known finnes or lofts, can you comfortably, confcientioufly, and zealoufly contribute to the reformation of o- tahers r you may indeed doe that which is right. in the fight of God, but where is your com- fy' t, if it be not done with a perfe& heart He muff needs be afraid to hedge in the Sacra- ment, and to make it inaceffible to the fcanda- ious and prop hare, or to fettle a faithfull and fcarching miniflery in the place he lives in, that knowes he fhal but thereby make a rod for himfelf. b