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goufe of Cornmons on the Fe, January. z 8. i 645 . 'fe I befeech you therefore to fearch your felves, that oat you may not be Carpenters to build an Ark for , others, and your felves be loft. It is a great ho- rgc nour to be a Member of this Parliament, but it our is as great a burthen too, as ever Lnglifh men ti underwent : and I flail crave leave to tell you k further, that you may become the greateft fin - ,l. hers in the world by it, for now the finnes of lc: the Kingdom may become yours ; the Here- 'roil . fies, blafphemies., and crying wickedneffes of ye oppreffï.on and injuftice may become yours ; es they are ether mens fins by commiffion , they ly are your other mens fines by your omiffion of a that opportunity, and duty of your place to id provide for remedies preventive and removent of i them, fo farre as they may come within your r. knowledge, and the reach of your power. That h which Scripture calls partaking in other mens fins, e addes more guilt to men of all forts, efpecially Miniflers and Magiftrates , then is generally thought of Take heed of making your felves partakers of thofe hones and abominations, which you hate the thought of : and the Lord keep alive your zeal by this quickening confï- deration. 2. So much being fpoken to any of you re- fpeäively, as fìngie Members : Give me leave to addretfe my felf in a word or two to you the Honourable, and for ever to be renowned hody. Is there any thing in your hands, the cleanfing away whereof may caufè you to draw nigher to God, or God to draw neerer to you r D 2 you