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20. rl Ser3nox pt eached before the Honourable you have had a miraculous hand with you this laff year ; and there is with you as a token of Gods drawing nigh to you, fuck a chain of fuc- ceffes and vic`fories, confiding of fo.many links, without any flaw or breaking off between them, as very few people have to fhow in the world again ; I befeech you watch the door againft the entrance of that which ufually attends either great parts, or great benefits received,. and that is pride : as we eafilyer take cold when. we are warm : fo its naturali to man to be puft up with fucceffe. I (hall offer to you this hum- bling confederation ; when I¡rael was in the aft of leading two hundredthoufand of Iudab in triumph, having gotten a mighty victory over them ; there was a. Prophet that prefl upon the' Conquerours a feafonable argument, that took very much- with them, and wrought them in- to amore equal' temper, and it was this, 2 chron. 28.10. but are; there not with you, even with you, fumes again.?t the Lord your . God ? So fay I to you : are there not fmnes with you, even with you ? reflect_ upon, and examine your (elves. There, are. very many hard cafes. in the Kingdom. I am not fo out of my felf as to lay them at your door, a you area body, becaufe indeed Fcannot, ( and yet if I could, I durft doe it) but I moff humbly give caution to you, who are the fhields, the healers. There are many for- lorn and defolate perfons, that follow you with cryes for the price of their husbands and fa- thers lives or limbs. It is not charity, but ju- (lace.