Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

of cut. ks, irld the 1fr ttd ire tft Houle of Commons on the Fail, January. z 8 .1645 . z I flice to refrefh their bowels : many have given down their milk freely, and yet after all have their breafts bitten untill they bleed, by urlaw- full plundering, fpoyl and violence : many in- ftruments imployed, are very Jharp bitten and prey for themfelves.The intention of the Phyfi- cian and of the Leech is not the fame. He intends to draw out the blood in due proportion , as his patient can bear : Shee hath no other gage of her fucking, then till The be full as The can hold. It were juflice to fqueefe thefe-fpunges, that have fuckt themfelves full, and to leave them as dry has they were at firfl.. Let difference be made of mens faults ißí their punifhments : there is no reafon, that Petèr who denyed his Mailer of infirmity, and Iuda4 that betrayed him delibe- rately, fhould be both in one prxdicament. Let not juflice be byaffed by partiality.. A Judge ought to look with no other eye, but the eye of the law, which looks at things, and is blinde to. perlons. Let juflice be fpeeded, that expenfes and attendance eat not out the principali in que- ílion,, ulxnos 5.24. Let judgement run down like hater, and righteoufnes like a mighty Flream ; and above all, fluke your hands from bribes: whe- ther bribes by prefents, or by kinred, f-iendfhip, favour, one puts out the eye as well as another, and there may be quid pro, quo bribes, when a man will lend his vote to one , to have. it paid him a- gain, in a caufe when he will call for it, and opi- nion-bribes, (as I may call them) when a man will endeavour to carry another thorow,..becaufe he D 3 is