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Hotcfe of Commons on the FV, January. z 8.1645. out thofe dividing lufts, policies , ends , which draw you away from God ; and pluck off thofè falfe byafies of felf- intereft, and Pelf Peeking, which caufe you to wheel off from the true mark or fcope of all your defires and endeavours : you will be found faulty if your hearts be divided, fimplicity of heart is ofgreat account with God ; there is afiî iica fim licitas, r coi, m, vita, the fimplicity of the affe, and of the dove .; the former is a defect in the underftanding, the liter is the grace of an honeft heart ; and this furs` is that which is of eíteem with God. In matters of judgement and juftice between man and mans you are to have two eyes, to look both wait's: but as they that take aim Phut one of their eyes, left the fight fhould be diftrated fo in your aims and ends, your eye is to be fngle, in intend- ing God,and not felt : let Chrift increafe, though you decreafe. The greateft matter above- board, and which all mens expetations and mouthes are full of, is the fetling of Religion and of the Church. Re- ligion is (rerum-publicarum quoddarn quaff coagu- Cur æus lur) that which ca ments Common-wealths to- cap,ij, gether, though now it be made the ball of con- tention, and the great divider of us into parties; we divide it, and are divided, being farre more theme/ogle-minded thereabour. Oh that God was firí Pet into poffeffion of his right, and that his Tabernacle was pitcht, before any of the lots, for our own liberties or interefts were drawn. E z This t,