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$ A Sermon preached before the Honourable This was the oath that David fwore in his afßi- ¿ions, Pfal.1.3 :.a,3, He fware unto. the Lord, and vowed unto the mighty God o Iacob. Surely I will not come unto the Tabernacle of mine hors fe, nor goe up into my bed. X mill not give fleet to my eyes, or (lum- ber to my eye -lids, untill J finde out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob ànd this is the firft Article in our vow and Cove - nant.What the reall impediments are, doth not fall within my way : but the Pelf- interefls are to be fearched out. i of yet,fay fome, and their reafon is the fame, with that of the common fort of peo- ple, againft inclofures in former times : If every mans owne Mould be inclofued., they fhould lofe their freedom ofcommon, and that liberty they u -, furped all the field over, or (as others hope) that after we have turned round awhile,, we may haply returneto the fame pofture we were in be- fore, and having loll our way in tl'.e miff, may come back again to the fame place whence we fet out at firft. if any, (fay others) be a George on horfe-back that 'lands at doer with a wooden dagger, but keeps no body from going in, the theef gaffes under his note into the houle, as well as the true - man.. Not this, fay fom cf thofe that are towardthe;law,for then haply many contentions might be guencht at the bottom of the chirnney,before they game out at the top : and fuch may be the want of grift, as it may tend much to the hinderance of their mill. Nothing thats ,ane,fay.the Libertines, for we have gon loofe fo