Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

TO THE HONOVRA ELF, HOVSE OF COMMONS .Affembled in Parliament. Inch Auditours who will futfer the Heb.t3.zz8 word of exhortation , as they encouroge the Minifler to doe his, fo they /hall be f ure to know their duty; which is not ordinarily the happines ofgreat perfonages. This Sermon w as preacht upon ane of the dayes of your [olcmn approach and drawing nigh to God. It feafon to prefentyou with fats cies dreßed in cobweb lzwn, or thin notions cloathed with ayr. The Popifh fails did but change folid meat into fu'eet meats. Thefib - jeé of the fermon is cleaniicig and purifying; 'which as it was necefary by the law, before the unclean perfon might draw nigh to. God, fo it is required ofyou ; if thou prepare thine heart, and wretch out thy hands towards him ; iniquity be in thy hand, put it farce away: fQr then tlialt thou lift up thy face without fpot,