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s Cos.o.27. tiip-L7nctm. he Epiflie Dedicatory. fpot, lob 11. 1 3 ,14,i i. It is a liber y which Mi- nit ers claim by'ertue of their commiffion, to (peak, exhort, and rebuke with all autho- rity, Tit. T,1 j. You that are the tutelar pa- trons and aff rtcurs of juI liberties, doe like _your felves, in countenancing and encouraging this alfo : fojhall you hate theminiflery of the. Word ai 'aies ready to helpyou, to beat your corruptions black aid blew, which to doe, is both the duty, and beauty ofyourfackcloth-dayes The Lord who bath faid, That the pure in heart (hall fee God, Matb.5 8. And that be that bath clean hands, !ball be fironger and fIronger, lob 17.9. fo draw nigh toots in the light of his countenance , and fßrength of his arm, that you who have defended Religionfrosn being trampled upon, may prefer re itfrom be. ing torn in pieces, and fee the good of Jerufa- fern all the dayes ofyourlives. So prays, rourfervant 1n chrift lc fits, .1 Richard V irres.