Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

.3,. .._; I A SERMON PREACHED before the Honourable Houle Of COMMON S, upon the day of the Monethly -Fail, 7ananary 28. 1645. JAMES 4. 8. Draw nigh to God,and he will draw nigh to you : Cleanfe your hands, yefinners, and pu- rifie your hearts,ye double - minded, Y worke at this time (by agreement ) is to bring up the rere of this text, that it may appear to you in a full bo- dy ;you received (in the fore -noon ) the invitation to that, which is not only the main, duty, but :alto the chief good of man,To draw slikb iv God : -And you, have ( I hope ) rafted, of <tlCfweetneiTe of, that ;promife which See M. Caryl his Sermon upon the for. mer part of this test.