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2 A Sermon preached before the Honourable which God doth make,or the entertainment which he gives to fuch ; God will draw nigh to you ; fo the Prodigall fon arofe and came to his father, and his father ranand fell on his neck and kiffed him. The ¡art fon comes, the compaf orate father runs. God an- fwers his people in a way of retaliatìon:ifthey draw nigh to hire, he will draw nigh to them : and this drawing nigh of God to us, is like the neerer ap- proaches of the Sun,which by his heat and prolifi- call influences,gives life and beauty to thofe things that before lay dead and buried, fhrowded in the winding fheet of the winter (now. That part of the Text which comes under my hand (Cleanfe your hands, ye (inners, and purifie your hearts,ye,double minded) contains in it, j. The Prohibens , or impediment prohibiting this mutuall drawing nigh ofyou to God, of God to you ; and that is, the pollution of your hands, the uncleanneffe or corruption of your hearts ; for it is not poffible there fhould be coalition, or com- munion between God and wicked men ; there- fore it is Paid, PJal. i 5.2 6. with the pure thou wilt thew thy felfe pure, and with the froward thou wilt Phew thy felfe froward : Plato faw this truth, Plato in Pha- ( faith he ) -r&S 1.44; ',Actfci xaOecgx igáarzeTeag dare. , the law of contrariety forbids puritie and filthi- neifeto touch, that is, to have fellowfhip or com- munion, ikgmd Au :vxma0e, Touch not the unclean thing, 2 Cor.6.17. God is fo farre from drawing nigh unto, that he will hide his eyes from unclean hands. The reafon Why he delighteth not in our fattef1 Sacrifices, why our incenfe is an abomi. nation --