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vi P R E F A C E. the Gofpel to be preached, the Supper to be adminiflred; and gave his Apoßles a Charge to teach baptized Difciples, to ob- ferve all Things whatfoever he had commanded them : And ac- cordingly the Church being taught by the Apofiles, kept clofe to his Appointment. They continued in the Apoílle's Doarine, and Fellowfhip, and breaking of Bread, and Prayer, Atfs ii. 42. 7efus Chrift did never intrufi any Man or Men to ap- point in Matter of Worfhip, under the former D fpenfation. Mofes was the principal Man that was employed, but he was i of entrufied with any Power to do, or to appoint to be done, in Matter of Werfhip. When he was about to build the Ta- bernacle, he was admonifhed of God to fee that all Things might de done according to the Pattern that was /hewed to him in the Mcunt, Heb. in i. 5. There mutt not le a Loop, nor a Pin, nor a Thread of a dfrent Colour from the Pattern; and when he locked upon al. the Work, it was done as the Lord com- mended, Exod. xxxix. 43. Mofes did not give Rules of his own, but Hill declared 'what the Lord hadfaid, what he bad appointed to be done in Matter of Worfhip. Under the New Teftament the Apoftles themfelves had no Power to appoint in Matters of Worfhip, they had Infirucions from Chrift for what they did. Ads 1. 3. Chrß was feen of them forty Days after his Refurrecion, fpeaking to them of the Things appertaining to the Kingdom of God : And when he had given them full inftruttions, he gave them their full Com- tnSion, Matt. xaviii. 19, 2o. And firidly enjoined them to teach the Obfervation of all Things whatfoever he had commanded them : which Commands of his we may read in Apoftolical Precedents. 2. Chrift bath appointed Officers in his Church, ordinary and extraordinary : Such as were extraordinary were Apofiles, Prophets. and Evangelifis. Thefe were to continue for a Sea- ton, thefè had extraordnary Gifts, which, together with their Offices, are now ceafed. Officers that are to continue in the Church, are Bifhops and Deacons, or Elders and Deacons (and Deacons, where the Cafe requires it) Andwe may not make any other Officers than theft, becaufe it would r lla on Chrifi Aim/elf, either on his Wifdam or his Faithfülnefs. On his .Wife/cm, as if he did not know what Officers his Church would need, when Apoßles and Evangelifis were ceafed: Or upon his )'aithfulnefs, if he knew that he did not appoint them. And Jet