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96 `Ihe J,y'1itution and Government the golden Candlegicks ; there the Lord is to be leen, there his Beauty is to be beheld : Pfal. xxvii. 4. That made David fo defirous to dwell in the Houle of the Lord all the Days of his Life, to behold the Beauty of úae Lord, and to enquire in his `temple. He could not have fuch a fight of God as in the San&uary ; and this fets his Soul a longing, Pial. lxiii. z. that he might fe- him, as he hadj en him in the Sanc- tuary. Did not the Spoufe flip an Opportunity for Com- munion with her Beloved, when he flood calling with the Mott pathetical Expreflions, till his Locks were wet ,with the Dew of the Night ? and the excufes herfelf upon the ac- count of her Drowfinefs and Slothfulnefs, not rifing up to open to him, till her Beloved had withdrawn himfelf, and was gone. God hath promifed to meet his People in the Ways of his own Appointment: Ifa. lxiv. S. thou meet- eft him that rejoiceth and worketh Righteoufnefs, that re- membereth thee in thy Ways, O God. Such a meeting is both profitable and pleafant. (t.) It is profitable ; if God meet you, he will biefs you : Where I record my Name, there will I meet you, and there will I blef you, Exod. xx. 24.. (z.) It is pleafant ; I fat under his Shadow tvitb great delight, and his Fruit wasfweet unto my Tafle, Cant. ii.3. (z.) It is prejudicial, in that the Means neglnfted is the Food of the Soul. Let a Perfon negled his bodily Food, and he will loon grow lean ; fuch negleét their Food, their fpiritual Food. 'There is the fincere Milk of the Word, by which a Soul may grow : There is Food for every Faculty of the Soul, and every Grace of the Spirit to feed upon. Thy Words were found, and I did eat them ; and they were unto me the joy and rejoicing of my Heart, Jer. xv. 16. How many Words are dropt that might have been of Ad- vantage for quickening and for comfort, that you lefe the Benefit of, by your Abfence ? It was not a little Damage that 1"homas fuflained by being abfent from that Evening's Meeting, when Chrilt came in the Midit of them, and Paid, Peace be unto you: The Ten had all their Doubts re- moved as to the RefurreEion of Chrift, their Faith railed up to believe it, and their Souls comforted in it ; but 1homas was not with them. And now he could not receive the Report at fecond Hand, though there were Ten Wit - neffes