BV597 W547 v1

of a v jble Church of Chrift. 97 nefl'es to atteft the Truth of it; hefeems now to be as much confirmed in his Incredulity, as the others in their Faith. 5. It is a bad Sign that fuch as are negligent in their Places, have but a little Enjoyment of God (at lealt fen - fible Enjoyment of him) when they are in them. They would furely be more defirous of the fincere Milk of the Word, had they any confiderable Talle of the Goodnefs of Jehovah : Had they much fenfible Enjoyment of God in his Ordinances, it would keep up Life and Power in the Things of God ; this would fet their Souls a longing after the Means, that fo they might enjoy more of God ; Pfal. lxiii. r, z. My Soul thirfleth for God, yea longeth that 1 might fee thy Power and thy Glory, as Ihave feen thee in the Santluary. The more we fee of God, the more do we long after hitp. It was long before the Spoufe rote up to open to her Beloved ; yet when the came to the Door, and her Hands dropt with Myrrh, and her Fingers with fweet- fmelling Myrrh upon the Handles of the Lock, then the longs after him; but her Beloved had withdrawn himfelf, and was gone. When he put in his Hand by the Hole of the Door, her Bowels were moved for him, and then the rofe up to open to him; and having a Scent of the fweet- ftnelling Myrrh that he had conveyed in by the Hole of the Door, the could not be at ref} till the had the Enjoyment of him ; the fought him, but Jhe found him not ;the called him but he gave her no anf..ver. At length the breaks out and difcovers her great Affe&ion by the ardency of her delire: I chargejeu, Oye Daughters of Jerufalem ifyefee my Be- loved, that ye tell him that I am fck of Love. Some fenfible Talles of the Goodnefs of God fet the Soul a longing after God. You fee how Davidbreaths after him ; Pfal. xlii. r, 2. As the Hart panteth after the Water - Brooks, fo lóngeth my Soul after thee O God. When 'hall I come and appear before Goa'? And he renders this as the Reafon, Ver. 4. For I bad gone with the Multitude, I went with them to the Houfe of the Lord, with the Multitude of them that kept Holy -day : He went with them, with the Voice of Joy and Praife; and the Remembrance of thefe Things made him to pour out his Soul within him. 6. Confider, Negligence of your Place h that which 1 1trikes