BV597 W547 v1

100 the h!fitution and Government one way or other : Though he tells it not to him that bath given the Offence, to whom he is bound in Duty and Con - fcience to declare it ; it is much but it íhall be told to others, fromwhom he ought to conceal it, and fo it is hand - ed from one to another, till it may be it takes air in the World : This is a declaring it to the reproach of thy Brother, when it fhould have been told to him for his Re- covery. I cannot but think they were fuch as thefe that the Apoffle calls Whi/perers, Backbiters, fuch as will whifper in the Ear of one an another : And it is true, fay they, but I would not have my Name brought in queftion by any Mean. What is this but Backbiting as well as Whifpering; when a Perlon can bring his Brother's Namein queftion to his Difgrace, but is tender of his own, that nothing may reflex on himfelf. But here fome may afk, what may be a proper Remedy or Cure of this Diflemper I I anfwer, In cafe one Member fhould make it known to another, that bath not dealt with his Brother in private, that Member should deal immediately by the fame Rule with him, lay his Fault open before him, Phew him wherein he lies fhort of his Duty to his Brother, in not dealing with him in pri- vate, and likewife his evil in fcandalizing his Brother, by Difcocering it to his reproach; and unlefs he acknowledge his evil in whifpering and backbiting, and go and deal with his Brother according to rule, he is to take one or two more with him; and if he neglea to hear them, he Mould tell it unto the Church. And if this Courfe were conftantly taken, I doubt not but there would loon be an End of whifpering and backbiting. (z.) Another Evil that commonly follows the neglea of this Duty is this, It (hall it may belie in the Breaft of him that obferved it, as Fire under Afhes, till there be Occa- fion to open it again by fome new Difference that may, arife, and then it (hall be blown up into a Flame, and the Sparks thereof (hall fly out to the reproach of thy Bro- ther; this is unbecoming a Church- Member. 3. Confider, your Brother is injured hereby; poflïbly he may be hardned in his Evil, feeing it will pats without a Reproof; whereas if thou hadft dealt with him accord- ing to Rule, he might have been won thereby to a Senfe of