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of a vtfible Church of Chri¡r. io't of his Evil, and made more careful for the future. If he hear thee, thou hall gained thy Brother; and this would be Advantage to both. He that converteth a Sinner from the Error of his Ways, (hall fave a Soul from Death, and cover a Multitude of Sins, James v. 20. He that is here called a Sinner, is called aBrotherin the preceding Verfe; Brethre4, .f any of you do err from the 'Truth, and one convert him: which refpets not the frrft Work of Converfion, but his Recovery from a Relapfe, fuch a Converfion as Cirri& (peaks of to Peter, Luke xxii. 32. When thou art converted, flrengthen thy Brethren. Such a Converlion will hide a multitude of Sins, as it puts a flop to Sin, and prevents the breaking out of Sin for the future; this will be good Ser- vice done for God, and for your Brother alto, and you yourfelves (hall not lore your Reward. 4. Confider itis a Sign of little Love to thy Brother, if this Duty be negleaed : Thou (hall not hate thy Brother in thy Heart, thou (halt in any wife reprove him, and not fuller in upon him, Lev. xix. :7. It is a greater Sign of Hatred than of Love, where Perlons can fuller their Brethren to go untold of their Mifcarriages. 3. The neglea of this Duty is a Breach of as plain and. pofitive a Command, as any laid down in the Word; Matt.. xviii. If thy Brother trefpafs againft thee, tell him his Fault between thee and him alone ; if he hear thee, thou haft gained thy Brother; but if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more ; and if he neglea to hear them, tell it to the Church. You have not done your Duty in cafe of Obflinacy, untill you have gone thefe three Steps. I am much perfwaded if this Rule was carefully obferved, and wifely put in pratîice it would be one of the bell Expedients that can be propofed to promote a flvurilhing State of the Church. But here you will afk, how this Duty is to be performed with refpe& to Time, and Place, and Manner ? I anfwer ; As to Time there mull be no Delay : The firít Opportunity to remove Sin mull be taken, it is of greater concern than Things of another nature. Thou Jhaltt not hate thy Brother in thy Heart, thou fhalt in any wife re prove him, and fhalt not fuller Sin upon him. As to the Place, it mutt be private : I ell him his Fadt .1 3 between.