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of a vifible Church of Chriff. log or receiving Satisfa Lion. This I call a hafty heady Sepa- ration ; here is Guilt contracted at one Hand or other, but none acknowledged. And Perfons do by taking their Place again, without feeking Satisfaaion, condemn them - felves, as guilty of acing irregularly in their withdrawing. If there werejuft Caufe given, there Mould be a fenfible Acknowledgment of it, before a Perfon can regularly hold Communion with them that gave it. If not, he that doth irregularly withdraw, fhould fenfibly acknowledge the Irre- gularity of his withdrawing, before he take his Place again in the Congregation. Churches Should look into thefe Things, and deal withMembers for fuch lrregularities.(a.) When Perfons have efpoufed a Notion in Religion which is dubious, and they themfelves cannot clear it, nor an- fwer all Objeaions brought againft it, nor refolve thofe' Doubts that may be offered in the Cafe ; prefently, becaufe the Church cannot comply, there is a Separation made. This I account heady and hafty, there being no,Rule I can find that warrants it. a. Confider, it is an evil to feparate from a Church that is rightly con ftituted, unlefs there be fuch grounds of Sepa- ration given, as a Perfon cannot hold his Communion, but he mull contraa relative Guilt ; otherevife his Sepa- ration will be a Schifm in the Body. It is not a light thing to make a Rent in the Church, woeful Experience hath taught us this Leffion. 3. The withdrawing or feparating offome Members, may endanger the unchurching of thofe that are left be- hind. I may allude here to thePafPage of Paul, Alts xxvii. 3 1. Except thefe Men abide in the Ship, you cannel be laved. They were the Mariners that had Skill, in guiding and fleering the Ship. There are force Members that have more S ±zill in ordering and governing in the Church than others have, that are more capable of reforming what is aanits ; if they ihould haftily feparate, there is .Danger what may become of thofe left behind. q.. All Separation antecedent to the utmoft Endeavour of Reformation is irregular; there is a Charge broughtagainf} feveral Churches in Scripture, for Corruptidns that were found among them, and hill, a Reformation is called for.. But