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z o4. The Inßitution and Government But I do not find one Inftance where a Separation is called for. In the firft Place, that which God calls for is Repen- tance, in which there is a Reformation : If Churches be leavened, care muff be taken to purge it out. If there be a wicked Perlon difcovered in the Church, the Charge is, Put away fr-om among you that wicked Perf n. Ohjetï. The Lord calls for a Separation z Cor. vii. Wherefore come out from among them, and he ye feparate, and touch not the unclean thing, &c. I anfwer, This was nota Separation from a Church duly conflituted, but from Idolaters, fuch as did facrifice to Devils, and not to God. Some of the Church of Corinth were too guilty of joining with the Gentilesin their Tem- ple-worfhip, and they are called upon to come out, and to be feparate. Objed. z. But fame may fay, Is there no Cafe then wherein Perjòns may feparate from a People that were once duly conflituted a Church ? I- aniver there is, When they cannot longer abide a- mong them, but they muff contraa relative Guilt, or live in a conilant and continual Omiflion of their known Duty and be utterly debarred the Privileges of a Member. (z.) Then ifmoral Evils be indulged in the Church, fo that a. Church will by no Means be prevailed with to bring the Guilty under dealing in order to reform them or remove them ; a Perlon having difcharged his Duty, and done what in him lies to promote a Reformation, if it cannot be attained, it is lawful to feparate, and a Duty alfo. i Cor. v i . i i . Withfuck a one no not to eat ; that is a Perfon guilty of Immoralities, a Fornicator,a Covetous one, an idolater, a Drunkard, a Railer : The Charge is here laid upon the v. hole Congregation, and it reacheth every Individual though each Individual cannot perform every pofitive Duty that is enjoined, becaufe forte Duties cannot be performed in the Church, but by the Church collectively confideredi; but fuch negative Duties as there may, and muff be obfer.- ved by each individual Member. If fuch then are known to be in the Church, and the Church will keep them in, whatever Complaint may be made againll it, the whole Lump that maintains the Communion of fuch Perfons, is leavened