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9f a v f ble Church of Chr, log Church ; Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. Go difciple to me all Na- tions, baptizing them, &c. teaching them to obferve all Things whatJoever I have commanded you. The joining of baptized Difciples toan ínftituted Church, is one ofChrift's Commands plainly to be read in Apoftolical Precedents, Acts ii. 41. Then they that gladly received the Word were baptized. r./l. They were difcipled, then baptized, thus far they did as Chrift had commanded them. And the fame Day there were added unto them (that is the Church) about three thoufand Souls. And had not this been one of Chrift's Commands alfo, the Apoftles would not have done its for they were ftriétly enjoined to teach them to obferve all Things whatfoever Chrift hadcommanded them ; they Muff not add nor dìminifh. Now a Difciple of Chrift is onn that hath learned Chrift, and ío learned him, as to deny himfelf for Chrift ; John vi. 45. Every one that bath heard and learned of the Father, cometh to me. It is obferved by thofe that underftand the Greek, that the Word that is here tranflated learned, fignifieth difcipled; and this learn- ing or difcipling of the Father muft be unto Chrift, be- caufe the Soul that is thus learned prefently clofeth with or cometh unto Chrift ; which coming is the Act of the Will, and this cannot be antecedent to the A t of the Un- deraanding ; a Man muft know Chrift, or he cannot come to Chrift, Your Work then will be firít to enquire whe- ther you do know Jefus Chrift; whether you do know him in his Natures, God and Man, two diftin& Natures united in one ; whether you do know him in his Offices, Prophet, Prieft and King. But here force may fay, they do know Chrift in his Natures, in his Offices, and can difcourfe of Ch rift diftinEtly in all thefe refpeEts, and can prove each Part by the Word. But how (hall I know whether this be fpecial or common Knowledge,,fuch as Flefh and Blood hath revealed, or whe- ther it be revealed by the Father? I anfwer, try the At of the Underftanding by the A& of the Will : Every one that bath heard and learned of the Father, cometh unto me, faith Chrift, yohn vie 4s. Are you come to Jefus Chrift? If K you.