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iio The Infitution and Government you are, you may conclude that you are taught of God, that you are learned of the Father. Have you made a Refignation of your Souls to Jefus Chrift, to be taught, faved and governed by Him ? Chrift mutt be received in all his Offices, with refpeét to the feveral ends of all thofe Offices. t. Then, do you content that Chrift fliall be your Pro. }het to teach you ? He is that great Prophet that God hath railed up to that End. Are you willing to take out every Lefl'on that Chrift teacheth ? It is fuch a one that is indeed a Scholar of Chrift ; Him (hall you hear in all Things what - foever he f all fay unto you, Aas iii. If Men will pick and choofe, and fkip over a hard Lefton as an intolerable Tafk to learn, they are but Difciples in (hew, not in deed, fohn vi. 6o. When they heard that they mull eat the F lefh and drink the Blood of Christ, or they had no Life in them, they concluded that this was a hard laying, that there were none could bear it ; and from that Time many of his Difciples went back and followed him no more : Thefe were but Difciples in íhew. A Difciple in deed, is one that will endeavour to take oitt every Leffon that Chrift teacheth : He can pray, That which Iknow not teach thou me. 2. Do you take Chrift to be your Prieft, to lave you ? Do you apply the Righteoufnefs of Chrift, with a Renun- ciation of your own Righteoufnefs ? Can you fay with the Apoftle, I would not be found in my own Righteoufnefs v)hich is of the Law, hut in the Righteoufnef of God, which is by Faith in yefus Chrift ? It is the Nature of Faith to evacuate and empty the Soul of every Thing of its own, and to carry the Soulout of itfelf to receive all from Chrift. True Faith fets the Crown upon the Head of Free - grace, and the Righteoufnefs of Chrift alone. I would not fruftrate the Grace of God, faith Paul; for if Righteoufnefs came bÿ the Law, then Chriß is dead in vain, Gal. n. ult. 3. Do you take Chrift to be your King, to rule and go- vern you ? Do you, or are you willing to put your Neck under the Yoke of Chrift's Laws, and to yield univerfal Obrdieuce thereunto ? That Soul that doth not receive Chrift as a King, dothbutdeceive himfelf, if hethinks he doth __..,..c