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12¢ the Inf#ittttion and Government is his Name ; Ifa. ix. 6. The mighty God, the e.,eria/tieg Father, the Prince of Peace. (i.) He is our Peace, as having made Peace. God was in Chriß reconciling the World unto liimfelf. Peace and Re. conciliation are the fame thing, Eph ii. 14. This was the greatest and the molt lasting Peace that ever was mi +de, that none but Chrift could make, becaufe none but Christ could fatisfy offended Juftice. (z.) It was a coftly Peace, he made Peace through the Blood of his Crofs; it coithim his Blood,his Life-Blood, in the fhedding of which there was a bearing the Curie: for the Death of the Crofs was an accurfed Death. 3.) He is the Prince of Peace, in that he hath proclaim- ed it, and that as loon as ever it was made; he came and preached Peace to them that were nigh, and to them that were far off. Eph. ii. 17. He did commit this Word of Reconciliation unto his Apofiles, that they might go and publifh and proclaim it. 2 Cor. v. 17, 18, to Confider, the Gofpel that you profefs, is the Gof- pl of Peace: We are exhorted to have our Feet fod with t'a Preparation of the Gof el of Peace. Eph. vi. 1 S. It is by the Gofpel we have the glad Tidings of that Peace that Christ bath made: It is the Gofpel that is the Means by which we are won over to accept of that Peace that Christ Bath purchafed ; it is the Gofpel that is the Means of 5pi- ri:ual Peace. 1 1. Confider, it is your aim to enter into Peace when you go hence and be Icen no more, that you may live eternal:), in the Enjoyment of that Peace wh ch Chl sit hath purchased. Now it Peace be fo d firable hereafter, why ft.ould it not be endeavoured after here? 1 fhall now otter a few Words of Advice to fuch as are willing to promote Peace in the Church, what to beware of, what to do, and how to do. 1. We fhould be careful to avoid Mifcarriages in our Converfation, every thing that may justly be offenfive to our Brethren. Ordinarily the Breach of Peace in Churches comes by the Mifcarriage of Tome Member or Mcmbere ; though I confefs an Offence may he taken, when there is nóne justly given ; but our Care fhould be that we give none.